City of Aventura, The City of Excellence, forms a part of recent developments that are to be seen in not only the state of Florida but throughout all corners of America. Aventura Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the US which boasts of a huge shopping area measuring up to almost two and a half million square feet. This city has made tremendous strides towards development in a very precipitous manner. Many trustworthy and excellent jewelry shops are another key attraction of this place which happens to be home to International Jewelers Exchange. Take a break travel Fort Lauderdale – Aventura is only a few minutes away from the best beaches in South Florida.

Take a break travel Fort Lauderdale – But the naming of this city has nothing to do with the area or its inhabitants being adventurous.

The place was named of condominiums which had been built here a long time ago and this city takes its name from those condominium halls. History of this area does not date back a long time though. It was developed in the last quarter of twentieth century. At the time of its inception the City of Excellence was developed as a high rise colony by a company known as Oxford Development Company. Before this development took place this region was just another swampland and was known as Biscayne Gardens. Aventura as such is a part of Miami Dade County in the state of Florida in America. It is a mid sized city as it covers an area of approximately three and a half square miles.

Take a break travel Fort Lauderdale – One major reason behind this city becoming a much sought after destination for many citizens of our country is its outstanding climate. As a direct consequence of this city being located near the water bodies, it has an extremely likeable tropical climate which is neither extremely hot in summers, nor is it extremely cold during the winter months. Rainfall also occurs in moderate amounts. It is not only a favorable climate which makes this place so attractive to people, other facilities that are offered here are also at par with very best in America. Road travel is extremely smooth and entirely hassle free in this area. Bus shuttle service run by Aventura Express is not only efficient but also it is free for all the residents. And air travel becomes easy as two airports; Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Miami international Airport are in its near vicinity. Educational facilities available here are spectacular.

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