Remington FR-730:

If you’re an electric shaving novice and trying to find one that is right for you then this is a great starter. Ideal for light to medium beards but not recommended for the beardly types. All in all this is a mid-range shaver with a small price tag. You won’t be disappointed. To make things clear from the start, this may not be the best electric shaver for those who have a thick beard or who are looking for the ultimate closeness that resembles the kind achieved with a razor blade. However, if you would like to find an excellent second best shaver that will not empty out your wallet in the process, then the Remington FR-730 is a great choice. Reputable brands like Panasonic or Braun will have you pay double, at least, for a model with similar features and quality as this one. Many customers tend to underestimate the Remington electric shavers, although, that bias does not exist without good motivation. Although it is a 75 year old company, Remington shaver has experienced a noticeable decline in build quality over the past few years. This decline, however, is currently being reversed, as many of the latest shavers they offer are now showing the improved quality that the company used to be known for and, even better, are being offered at bargain rates. The FR-730 Pivot and Flex Men’s shaver may be one of the finest choices among the latest additions to their product line. That means that, if your beard is one of low to average thickness and you just want a decently functioning shaver with features that you can use, the Remington FR-730 could definitely provide excellent bang for the buck. It is a reasonably priced, undeceiving model that will provide adequate shaving closeness for most people. It may provide the luxury of a 5-blade shaving head, but the product is designed for people who do not feel the need for such features, and does a fine job on its own in that regard. The shaver features a triple stage cutting mechanism that features two flexible foils and a useful intercept trimmer installed between those two foils. Those dual foils are both made of high quality surgical steel, offering a decent level of closeness to the shave for the user. Of course, the closeness is not quite like the higher quality  Braun 7 series or 5-bladed Panasonic systems, but it offers an adequately close cut for an electric shaver for the price. It passes through tricky contours and areas like the neckline and avoids causing too many problems, thanks to the pivoting head and fully flexible technology of the shaver head.

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