Motivation To Workout – Instagram Workout Models

Motivation To Workout – Instagram Workout Models

Motivation, a common question I get asked is how do you stay so fit? How do you build muscle and what keeps you going at that rate?

I have to say that my motivation comes from the way I feel from the inside. I think it’s important to know why you exercise and have goals to get you there.

Let me take you back to a time where I can remember having no motivation. Maybe it was the feeling of having no purpose. I think purpose and motivation can go hand-in-hand. I think when you feel like you have purpose in life and you feel like you have goals to achieve, your motivation kicks up a notch. It’s when we tend to go from day today and not realizing that we have so much to give this world that we just adapt to the every day rituals that we go through. It’s important to know that you do has purpose especially for working out. God wants you to take care of your body. If God is a priority in your life then so should health and fitness. We all have priorities in life whether it’s family, fitness, going to church, sitting on the couch watching TV. We all have priorities BUT it is what they are that will take us to where we want to be.

I think it’s important to know that everybody’s motivation will come from a different source some people’s motivation might come from pictures hanging up from their past of what they used to be maybe before they had a baby or some peoples motivations might be of pictures of women that look very strong and fit.

Weight loss takes time. So get used to slow progress. It doesn’t happen overnight and I’m sure you heard that many of times. The most important thing that you have to realize is that it is a slow process so if you lost 5 pounds or if you lost 1 pound this week you have to take that as motivation. You just proved to yourself that you can do this.

If you are worried about gaining weight your only option is to work out so that you don’t gain weight. One in every three Americans are obese in the United States. As the years increase so does the obesity rates. Let your motivation be your kids, your spouse, your family, your significant other, they all deserve to have you around just a little bit longer than maybe you thought you should be. They deserve to have your presence and they deserve for you to be around them so that they can join you for a long as they can.

Surround yourself with positive uplifting people. Preferably, get yourself some fitness and health friends. I know fitness friends are hard to come by sometimes especially these days but even if you can find a few fitness friends or  from your social media site whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. I know that when I see one of my friends post on Facebook or twitter a picture of themselves working out, Instagram Workout Models or something motivational, or just a saying I immediately want to go work out. It instantly pops into my brain that I have goals I need and want to achieve. We can train our brains to do so many things. So the very habits that you have right now that might not be healthy habits can be reversed. It will just be a little extra focus and noticing when you do certain activities that pertain to that bad habit!

I challenge you today to find some new friends that have healthy habits. We are the sum of 5 people who we hang out with or surround ourselves with. If you want change in your life it is time to go out there and make the change!