For many years music has been a popular thread that unites generations and has provided social commentary, individual expression, and a soundtrack for life. Music has evolved and changed as time has moved forward, and become, in some cases more of art, and in other cases, less than one. Today music has nearly universal appeal – though there are more styles and types of music than ever before, there is also a wider gap in ever between groups

Utah music venues who listen to certain types of music at

This said, nonetheless, there are still millions of Americans who consider them to have “global musical tastes” meaning that they listen to many genres of music on a regular basis instead of focusing their time and concentration on only rap, country, or rock and roll. In Utah, as in most different parts of the country, there are several people who listen to a wide range of music: from Oldies to Elmo and from Blues to Hip Hop. These different tastes in music are reflected in by the concerts in Utah during any given year. Utah’s concerts range from the biggest names in Hip Hop, and Country music to Rock and Roll acts that you might have thought had been dissolved in the 80’s. There seems to be just as much excitement for a Cyndi Lauper or Pretenders reunion tour as for a tour from Snoop Dog or The Foo Fighters. The shear dynamism of Utah concert goers – in age and musical taste makes Utah a “must stop” for most any musical act. Utah’s concert scene consists of many small venues such as bars, and private clubs that host touring acts year round, as well as a few large venues, both indoor and outdoor that host only the larger acts and are only open during certain times of the year – as dictated by sports team schedules and weather

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