Many people mistakenly look at Custom cycling kits suppliers who are wearing a short sleeve jersey and have long sleeves that come to their wrist and assume that they’re wearing another piece of clothing with long sleeves underneath their jersey. While this is of course possible, in most cases the cyclists are wearing cycling arm warmers.

Non-cyclists might wonder at the logic of doing that.

Custom cycling kits suppliers instead of a short sleeve shirt and separate arm warmers?

Custom cycling kits suppliers often wear these because they’re simply more comfortable in a short sleeve jersey and feel like they have more freedom of movement than if they’re wearing something with long sleeves. The warmers are also easily removable. That means there’s no need to take the jersey off to remove a shirt that’s beneath it if the long sleeves become uncomfortable or just too warm for the day. Another benefit to using a cycling arm warmer is that if you start out cycling with just a short sleeve jersey and discover that you’re cold, they’re easy to slip on. Many people who plan to spend several hours on their bikes carry them along so they can stay comfortable no matter what the weather. To purchase these arm warmers, you really need to try several pairs on. You need to know the measurements of your arm around the largest part of your bicep as well as the length of your arm from your shoulder to wrist. When you measure the length of your arm you should have your elbow bent at about 90° just as it will be while you’re cycling. Using these measurements is a good way to start, but don’t purchase something that fits these measurements without trying it on. And if you already own a pair that uses the designation of small, medium or large, don’t assume that you can purchase that same size in another brand. Always make sure of the fit first because size labels will vary from company to company.


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